Electric Vegetable Steamer and the Great Meal

Susie received an electric vegetable steamer for Christmas that was still in the box. She thought about returning it and figured she might want to use it sometime so she put it in the closet. When Ray went into the closet, he noticed the steamer they received from her parents and asked if she was ever going to use it. It was similar to ones that he she has seen before on sites like bestvegetablesteamers.com. She had already forgotten she put in the closet and asked him to bring it out so she could look at it a little closer. Ray got the electric vegetable steamer out of the closet and took it to his wife who was in the living room. He went back to the closet to get what he went after in the first place and as stood there trying to remember what he was looking for he could hear Susie opening the boxed vegetable steamer.

She pulled the electric steamer out of the carton to find it had four baskets and she wondered how many vegetables her mother expected her family to eat. When she pulled the steamer out of the box, the box fell back and Susie could see the picture on the front of the box had different foods in its baskets. That caught her attention and she wondered if she could actually cook a full meal in the electric vegetable steamer like the box indicated. She found all the paper work and grabbed the operating manual to check it out further.

Susie could see she would have to go food shopping with a list. She was not used to cooking such healthy food and did not keep it in the house. She of course had salad ingredients but most of her vegetables were either canned or frozen. She read the whole insert and made up a list. The following night they had what Susie proclaimed to be the healthiest meal she ever made. Funny thing happened, all the food was gone and she got compliments on the great meal she cooked.

Susie called her mom to thank her for the steamer and tell about their meal and the rave reviews she received from everyone.