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LED Bulbs, Small Chest Freezers, And Other Energy Saving Changes We Did


We have recently gone to throwing out non-efficient things out of our house ever since the economy took a bad fall, replacing it with stuff that are energy-efficient and cost cutting in the long run. Me and my hubby just did not want to take any chances especially now that two of our children are going to private universities; it might just be the best money saving decision we ever did. It was very expensive at the onset of course, with all the old stuff having to be replaced by shiny new ones, but the long term benefit calculated by my hubby was better than I expected.

The first to go were the incandescent light bulbs. They were replaced with more energy efficient LED lights, which can come in pretty spirals I really like. I didn’t really thought much about these light bulbs before they were pointed out to me by my friend, and after a few months, in writing this, changing it does seem to help with the electricity bill.

The next to go were the appliances, including the ten year old air conditioning, replaced with an energy star product, and the washing machine. The topload we bought as a replacement used less water, which certainly was even more efficient in washing clothes than the pricier one we bought ages ago.

The hardest, however, was picking the best small chest freezer. We were told how it saved more energy because the cold air from a chest style does not go uphill, while a regular upright refrigerator releases the cold right the instant you open it. I think the best website I saw is this one, as it really helped me with the perfect descriptions and such of what I should buy and how it helps with energy savings. Plus there’s not much frost that forms with a chest style as hot air do not go downhill, so it’s a pretty much stable environment.

So instead of buying another refrigerator, we opted for the chest freezer, placed under the cupboard. It’s one of our best buys that moment, along with the Bravia TV we bought at half price. We made good money on selling some of the usable appliances as well, and those that are too old were sold part by part by the hubby to some junkyard.

I think in this economy today, it is really important to set your priorities straight when it comes to saving up and buying wise. I did that with these energy saving appliances and months from then, I’m quite happy with the results.

The Possibilities That Open Up With A Hutch Cabinet

hmiller-constance keystoneA lot of people get into a fix where they love the look and feel of a corner hutch, but don’t buy it as they don’t know where to keep it. They could have a preconceived notion of what is to be done with a corner hutch and where it is to be kept. For example, a lot of people believe that a corner hutch is just to be kept in a dining room and used to store and display china. However, corner hutches are beautiful piece of furniture that can add lots of class to any room. Here are a few ideas on where you could put your corner hutch and how you could use it there.

In the Dining Room

The dining room is where most people like to keep a corner hutch. Most corner hutches will have some display space and, in the dining room, this space can be used to display your best china. The other closed up spaces can be used to store your regular-use china along with anything else you might want quickly at hand in the dining room. Some corner hutches will have an open surface which you can use in the dining room to keep a basket of fruit, bread and so on.

In the Kitchen

Many people like to keep a corner hutch in the kitchen as well. It’s a great way to save space because other types of kitchen cabinets will jut out and take up too much floor space while corner hutches can be tucked snugly into a corner. This beautiful hutch by BrylaneHome would look great and brighten up your kitchen. You can keep your counter top clutter free by storing a lot of the things you would keep there on the open surface of a corner hutch. You could also store in it china, pots and pans, kitchen towels and so on.

In the Living Room

Corner hutches will be a great addition to living rooms as well. However, you want the corner hutch in your living room to be extra classy and elegant. I’ve found quite a few of such quality hutches from a site called Corner Hutch Cabinet. In a living room, the display spaces in the corner hutch can be used to display curios, shot glasses, framed pictures and other displayable knickknacks. Its other storage space can be used to put away the unsightly things that you may have lying around in the living room.

Need For Speed In The Kitchen


Food critics have evolved greatly when the era of the internet, particularly social media, was established. One must be able to concoct superb dishes and even take a test to be considered a capable evaluator of meals; however, that was ages ago. Nowadays, all it takes is for a person is to have an open mind, a budget to be able to purchase the delicacies that eateries offer and a connection to the internet to be considered a gourmet critic. Food bloggers flock the World Wide Web very quickly and they are so rampant that restaurants lean on their reviews to get the desirable marketing exposure. The licensed critic and the blogger with a thousand followers are now at par with each other when it comes to the food review profession.

With the fast clicking of the mouse and the speedy typing they possess, it is not just about the quality of the food that they consider, but also the service, the ambiance, the price and even the parking spaces available. We now live in a world of promptness and agility that chefs must adapt to these changes as well. Having an L-shaped, U-shaped or island kitchen is not just enough anymore. Being able to roam around the essence of the restaurant (or if you are just an avid cook, the heart of your house meaning the kitchen), will take up too much time and effort.

Having a kitchen cart for the knives, the spices and other necessities is now a must-have for every cook out there. It is now not just a means of transport but may even be considered the aorta of the kitchen as it will also be a place of all the rudiments of the room and a lot of cooks (both professional and inexpert) have gone on to lots of websites, such as, to possess kitchen carts for their cooking. No matter what form your kitchen may be, it does not matter anymore as you will get everything you need an arm’s reach away.

Having swiftness in cooking is quite significant today as it will garner higher remarks from your marketing sponsors. You have to be prepared for a rat race if you want to be the crème de la crème (or at least one of the top) of the cooking world. And being quick is just as important as knowing how to cook in this age.

Keeping Your Collectibles In Museum-Quality Shape With a Case


Do you remember those days when you are still a kid and you’ve been always brought to visit different museums? Those where the blissful days of our youth wherein we are exposed to the various types of artworks, structures, and statues that amazes us even though we don’t know much about them. Usually, these museums are the main destinations of some of our educational trips back then. It’s still good to visit some of these museums today because we already have a better understanding of them that it was before. Do you ever wonder how did they maintain its condition?

Creating different beautiful artworks need a lot of creativity to pull off. Sometimes the works of famous painters are the once which costs a higher price. And also the older the painting, the higher the price is placed on its tag. Don’t worry because these paintings are worth the price, well it works for those avid painting collectors. Museums take good care of these paintings and they seal them away in a secured room during the night. During the day, based on my knowledge, they sometimes display a replica of the painting rather than the original to keep it away from being damaged.

When it comes to the figurines and some ancient artifacts, they keep it locked and sealed in a safe container like this corner curio cabinet at Corner Curio Cases. Cabinets like these provide good protection and maintenance of the contained treasure. If you’re a collector of these kinds of items then you definitely need to have this one. Museums have lots of these security cases to keep burglars from snatching them out.

Statues on the other hand are guarded by red ropes to keep some people from touching them. In this way, these statues are kept safe and sound from possible damages that might cause them from avid fans.

What are your favorite artifacts in your museum? I bet that the curators protect and care for them 99 times more than their life. You wouldn’t see any other of those things anywhere. It’s like a national treasure; it’s worth more than anything else in this world.

Reasons You Should Give Pineapple A Chance

Pineapples don’t come often every season. It is one of my favorite fruits among the rest. How about you? For me, I really love the explosion of the sweet and sour flavors inside my mouth. It’s like two opposite things that perfectly match together creating a more powerful taste. But peeling it can be tiresome.


Pineapples are a great source of vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin C. So if you’re having a cold or flu, try eating one so that it can boost your immune system preventing your sickness to worsen. Aside from the different vitamins and minerals that you can get from eating fresh pineapples, talks about the other health benefits you can get from simply eating these sun kissed fruit. Moreover, good digestion is usually connected to this fruit because of the abundance of fiber in it. It’s definitely a good fruit for your health. Living healthy is rather hard to do. So if you’re planning to be fit and healthy, keep away from junk foods and such and stick with this fruit instead.

People tend to get frustrated when it comes to skinning the fruit. It has rather a tough outer covering that makes it difficult to cut through. The so called “eyes” of the pineapple are what makes it hard to handle. I know you’re frustrated with it too just like other people do. But I think it’s all in the head. Patience is always a virtue. Just cut it slowly using a knife or this instrument found on this site From there, it is easier for you to chop and dice it depending on your liking.

Viola! You’re pineapple is ready to be eaten. I prefer it a little salty so I usually dip it on salt. You can try that one too. I’m sure you’ll love it too. There are different ways of eating it and I’m sure you have your very own style in munching it. Come on, I know you’re craving for some healthy food to eat right now. Go get some pineapples and let all the loving come to you.

Electric Vegetable Steamer and the Great Meal

Susie received an electric vegetable steamer for Christmas that was still in the box. She thought about returning it and figured she might want to use it sometime so she put it in the closet. When Ray went into the closet, he noticed the steamer they received from her parents and asked if she was ever going to use it. It was similar to ones that he she has seen before on sites like She had already forgotten she put in the closet and asked him to bring it out so she could look at it a little closer. Ray got the electric vegetable steamer out of the closet and took it to his wife who was in the living room. He went back to the closet to get what he went after in the first place and as stood there trying to remember what he was looking for he could hear Susie opening the boxed vegetable steamer.

She pulled the electric steamer out of the carton to find it had four baskets and she wondered how many vegetables her mother expected her family to eat. When she pulled the steamer out of the box, the box fell back and Susie could see the picture on the front of the box had different foods in its baskets. That caught her attention and she wondered if she could actually cook a full meal in the electric vegetable steamer like the box indicated. She found all the paper work and grabbed the operating manual to check it out further.

Susie could see she would have to go food shopping with a list. She was not used to cooking such healthy food and did not keep it in the house. She of course had salad ingredients but most of her vegetables were either canned or frozen. She read the whole insert and made up a list. The following night they had what Susie proclaimed to be the healthiest meal she ever made. Funny thing happened, all the food was gone and she got compliments on the great meal she cooked.

Susie called her mom to thank her for the steamer and tell about their meal and the rave reviews she received from everyone.